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welcome 2 the 4rchive!

feel free to look around.
i'm sorry it ended so soon.

updates :-)

UPDATE 20 oct. 2022 (10:23PM)
so forget what i said in the last update. i do truly hope to make a cool and personal neocities but that wont be this one i fear. i started a bearblog , in case anyone's interested! maybe some day ill feel the spark to work on the 4RCHIVE again, maybe ill start over completely. until then, goodbye!

UPDATE 18 may. 2022 (4:31PM)
SORRY i havent done anything in so long!!!! i went through a tough time and wasnt able to focus on much... my plan is to write some think pieces and put my art on here. i hope i can start some of that soon and put it on here.

UPDATE 6 mar. 2022 (4:06PM)
i made some "page not found"s, and started the blog page (although there's no blogposts yet). life's been tough, sorry for the slow updates.

UPDATE 24 feb. 2022 (5:07PM)
i removed the color picker and just chose a background i thought fits the theme. i now have a guestbook instead of a comment box! the icons are now also clickable, i just need to make those pages. I SWEAR IM GONNA DO THAT NEXT!!!

UPDATE 21 feb. 2022 (10:26PM)
...i cant fix the background problem, so for now the color picker just wont work. sorry!!!

UPDATE 21 feb. 2022 (9:55PM)
i cant figure out how to make the background color change (with the options) without the background being white as default...

UPDATE 21 feb. 2022 (5:25PM)
the other pages dont exist yet lol

UPDATE: 21 feb. 2022 (5:17PM)
i cant figure out how to make the desktop icons also clickable without messing everything up, so you have to click on the text to go to the other pages. the icons in the toolbar also work for this!

UPDATE:21 feb. 2022 (5:10PM)
bear with me guys i dont actually know how to build a website,,, im still learning.

plans 4 this site
  • TO DO
  • this wont be needed anymore.


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